Friday, August 24, 2012

Android-locking - Vulnerability in Android

Vulnerability in Android allows you to bypass the lock pattern

Most people know that the Android-locking device with a password or PIN-code is more secure than using a pattern (pattern). However, no one suspected that the latter method can be so dangerous. A craftsman from XDA Developer Forum exposed the vulnerability that allows little or no additional effort to gain access to devices with a version of Android 2.3 and above, blocked in this way.

In order to use this security hole, on the device must be activated debug mode USB. If so, the attacker is able to change your gadget using ADB (Android Debug Bridge) and a few lines of code. After rebooting the device simply enter any pattern to unlock it.

As yet there is no definitive evidence that this method really works with each model Android-devices. According to recent information, the vulnerability addressed in at least firmware CyanogenMod Nightly build 10. For those who would like to play it safe, you should disable USB debugging in the settings and turn to alternative methods of locking the screen.

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