Thursday, November 15, 2012

VIPRE Mobile Security for Android

VIPRE Mobile Security, Mobile Antivirus protects Android-devices from malicious applications, theft or loss. 

Includes antivirus, remote Anti-Theft function, backup to the "cloud", the monitoring activity.

Protect your valuable data with a mobile antivirus VIPRE Mobile Security for Android - a powerful and feature-rich applications for the security of your Android smartphone or tablet.

Private data on mobile phone threatening Trojans, viruses, hackers and theft. Use your smartphone or tablet without thinking about security - VIPRE Mobile protect them from most threats.

The main components of VIPRE Mobile Security for Android

Antivirus. Prevents hacking and loss of critical data

Premium backup. Creating an online backup contacts, photos, web bookmarks and custom dictionaries.

Watcher Premium. Monitors and records the location of your device and its history

Premium Anti-Theft. Do not worry if you lose your phone or tablet. You can remotely find Android-device on a map, lock it or erase important data.

Main features of VIPRE Mobile Security for Android

• Anti-Virus. Automatic virus scanning provides mobile security without slowing down.

Get automatic protection in real time against the latest threats to your Android-smartphone or tablet. High performance technology VIPRE Mobile Security can detect and block malware that could affect the functionality of the device, or even worse, steal or destroy personal information. Now you can safely make purchases, use online banking and online chat from the comfort of your phone or tablet.

Remote functions Anti-Theft

• Remote lock. Lock your phone or tablet with a web site, to deny access to unauthorized persons and criminals from getting your personal information contained on Android-device. Protection of personal data on the mobile device - one of the most important security tasks.

• Remote GPS positioning. VIPRE Mobile Security helps to find your smartphone or tablet on a map using the website VIPRE Mobile. You can track a location of your Android-device on an ongoing basis, providing a visual history of finding a smartphone or tablet.

• Remote wipe data. If the device is lost or stolen, you can easily remotely erase its contents, so that no one can see your personal information.

• Remote alarm

Left your phone somewhere and can not find it? Include a loud alarm by pressing a button on the website VIPRE Mobile.

Backing up data

• Online Backup. Keep your contacts, photos, bookmarks, dictionary, online secure servers VIPRE. If the Android-device is lost (or you bought a new and want to transfer your data), you can easily restore the backup.

All data is stored in the cloud and you can access them anywhere, where there is an internet connection.

Monitoring online activity

• Location tracking device. Function VIPRE Mobile Security Android-positioning device allows you to view a map showing the location of your smartphone or tablet. With its easy-to-use web portal, you can track the location of the device for a specified period of time.

• Web History. Monitoring and review of all the Web sites that have been visited on your phone or tablet. The ability to sort by date you can easily view the history of websites you've visited. Configure and access to this feature is the web portal and on the device itself.

• Monitoring reports. The ability to view all the messages that came or were sent to the Android-smartphone or plansheta.Monitoring messages can monitor daily conversations by phone. Configure and access to this feature is the web portal and on the device itself.

• Call register. Get all the details of incoming and outgoing calls from your mobile device Android. Ability to see who made the call when it was done, and how long was the call. Configure and access to this feature is the web portal and on the device itself.

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